SILICONI COMMERCIALE began manufacturing technical sprays, silicone emulsions and defoamers in 1957. Over the years the company has grown steadily and gradually, thanks to the expansion and technological innovation of our range of products and to a ongoing investments in our production facilities and research.

In 1989 we began production of silicone defoamers, silicone-free defoamers and silicone emulsions, which over the years have enjoyed strong growth due to the quality and wide range of the products.

Since 1995, we have continued to enhance and modernize our production facilities for both technical sprays and additives.

Today, thanks to continuous investments in technology, the high production capacity of our facilities allows us to satisfy the requests of our customers/distributors with fast time deliver.

Since 2007 The “Ukrchemreserve” company is the official importer and Ukrainian distributor of Italian technical sprays, lubricants , silicones, defoamers and emulsions produced by “Siliconi Commerciale” SpA.
Thanks to the qualified personnel and the appropriate software, we efficiently process our customers’ orders not dropping any details. And an extensive inventory here in Ukraine makes it possible to quickly provide customers with the necessary materials.

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