Antitrust Protective for moulds and iron pieces.


Base:                                       Mixture of oils and antirust additives

Appearance:                             Amber liquid

Resistant to temperature:          130°C

Viscosity:                                20-50 cSt

Solubility:                                Solvents

Odour:                                     Characteristics

Self life:                                              24 months

Silicone free



Antitrust Protective for moulds and iron pieces.

High protection against rust.

It is a good “dewatering”; It eliminates water and the humidity on the surfaces treated.

This product permits to stock moulds, finished pieces, pieces partially  worked, protecting them from rust even in humid places

or in places subjected to atmospherically agents. It covers hermetically whit a thin film of protective fluid the surfaces. 



-       High protection against rust

-       It eliminates water and the humidity on the surfaces treated. 




It is used as a protective for machines, moulds, for different tools and objects subjected to rust that have to be stocked for long periods.


Instructions of use

First of all it is very important to clean very well the metal surfaces to be treated with a specific metal cleaner such us METACLEAN.

Spray it at 20 cm distance let the product acts and the air polymerize.

It makes an oil film that it is easy to remove with normal solvents.



Spray Aerosol ml 500

Box 25 Aerosol


Product Code 10810/05